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Copy Pen Drive Data Automatically in PC

Copy Pen Drive Data Automatically in PC


This software is one type of hacking tool you can copy data in background 
any person plug in  pendrive in you laptop or pc  then will data  automatically copy in your select directory 
Download and install usbcopier
The Secret USB Copier enables you to automatically copy files from connected USB drives to your hard drive. It detects plugged-in removable drives and scans their files without letting the owner know. You can set filters depending on which files you want to copy.
It provides lots of customization possibilities, such as file size, extension, date and more. The tool can run completely invisible or imitate a fake USB Guard (Malware protection).
Secret USB Copier will show you all the devices

    Select start with windows and also select star minimized
Target directory 
    Copied file will be saved to:  select directory where you can save copy data 

Now when any one plugged any usb in your it will automatically copy all data without user knowledge.

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